Pull Distribution Points Hang Downloading Content

In our environment we support over 2500 remote offices with local servers running as Pull Distribution Points. As part of our processes we build our servers using OSD and then call a second Task Sequence to install the PullDP role, set source DPs and other settings, add the server to an appropriate Distribution Point Group … Read more

SCCM Backup Fails After Moving Site Database

BackgroundWe are in the midst of a Configuration Manager Server upgrade to new servers running Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2019. As part of migration we are also moving our SQL Database off of our CAS to its own dedicated DB server. After moving the database, we found our SMS Site Backup task was … Read more

Remove SCCM Distribution Point Role

If you work in a large SCCM/MECM environment you may run into a time when all of your remote Distribution Points need to be replaced with new servers for a hardware refresh. Servers are built with the latest OS, boxed up and shipped and then installed on-site at their new locations. Once they’re there, you … Read more

Trigger SCCM Client Actions Remotely

Sometimes you just need a quick way to trigger SCCM Client Actions remotely and you don’t want to have to build a Collection and wait for it to update before using Right-Click tools to do it. PowerShell Method WMIC Method (deprecated) Script Example For a full list of available Client Action Triggers see:https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/develop/reference/core/clients/client-classes/triggerschedule-method-in-class-sms_client

SCCM Client Not Working on Some Systems After 2103 Upgrade

We recently upgraded to Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) 2103 (aka SCCM 2103) and ran into an issue with the Client Upgrade on about 350 of our 3000+ servers. When we do our upgrades we normally enable automatic client upgrades for Workstations, but for Servers we use a scheduled Software Deployment to do the upgrade. … Read more

SCCM Backup Fails with VSSWriter Error

We recently had the SCCM Backup task start failing on one of our Primary Sites. Worked fine for years, then all of a sudden it just stopped working. After doing a little digging, I could see the backup was failing on the VSS Initialization during the SQL portion of the backup. In the SMSBKUP.LOG on … Read more

SQL Query for Distribution Point Free Space

In this SQL query, I return the Server Name, Site Code, Description, Domain Name, Volume, Total (GB), Free (GB) and % Free. The query uses 3 main views: vDistributionPointsvSummarizer_SiteSystemv_R_System You can use this in a Daily Dashboard to identify servers experiencing low disk space and remediate them before the Distribution Point space becomes critically low.