SCCM Backup Fails with VSSWriter Error

We recently had the SCCM Backup task start failing on one of our Primary Sites. Worked fine for years, then all of a sudden it just stopped working. After doing a little digging, I could see the backup was failing on the VSS Initialization during the SQL portion of the backup. In the SMSBKUP.LOG on … Read more

SQL Query for Distribution Point Free Space

In this SQL query, I return the Server Name, Site Code, Description, Domain Name, Volume, Total (GB), Free (GB) and % Free. The query uses 3 main views: vDistributionPointsvSummarizer_SiteSystemv_R_System You can use this in a Daily Dashboard to identify servers experiencing low disk space and remediate them before the Distribution Point space becomes critically low.

Capture a Network Trace Without Netmon

If you need to capture a Network Trace from a server or client that doesn’t have Netmon or any other network monitoring software installed, you can use netsh to capture the trace (Windows 7/2008 R2 or higher). Once captured you can then copy it to another “tools” machine with such tools as Netmon or Wireshark … Read more

How to Get Domain Name Using PowerShell

For large Enterprise environments it is common to have 3 separate Domains and SCCM environments. One for DEV, one for UAT testing and then Production. Sometimes it can be helpful when writing scripts to check which environment we are functioning within and then use values for server names or Site Codes based on the environment. … Read more